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Stirling Anglian Pharmaceuticals launches new website with focus on providing patients with value-based solutions to healthcare

Stirling Anglian Pharmaceuticals (SAP), part of the Kelso Pharma Group, has launched its brand-new website, focusing on their products, corporate responsibility and plans for sustainability moving forward.

SAP is a UK based pharmaceutical company, part of the Kelso Pharma Group, with a purpose of bringing innovative, value added, specialty branded medicines to patients across the UK. SAP is completely committed to improving patient care and medicines optimisation.

SAP was acquired in 2022 by Kelso Pharma, backed by Apposite and has moved to strengthen both its UK wide product portfolio and its team, with the launch of Acepiro® (Acetylcysteine) 600mg effervescent tablets to the UK prescription medicines market acting as a springboard as the business continues to explore further product and partnership opportunities.

Because SAP aims for further growth in the coming years, the team has worked hard to create a new website which demonstrates their values, responsibilities and the importance of their products to their patients and the UK healthcare system. Visitors can now learn more about SAP’s story, current product portfolio, corporate responsibility procedures, sustainability goals and information on how to contact the SAP team about potential partnerships.

Across the Kelso Pharma Group, UK and European partnership and collaboration is pivotal for growth and bringing patients the important medicines they need, in as many markets as possible. SAP now have the facility on their new website to invite potential new partners to contact them and discuss exciting opportunities.

Commenting on the launch of the new website, Mark Inker, Managing Director UK at Kelso Pharma Group, said:

“As SAP and the Kelso Pharma Group’s growth journey continues, it’s more important than ever that we effectively communicate with our audience on who we are, what we do and how we look to support patients across the UK. We hope the new SAP website provides visitors with all the information they need and also offers the opportunity for potential partners to contact our team as we look to expand and grow our network to support patients.”

You can take a look at SAP’s new website here: www.stirlinganglianpharmaceuticals.com 

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