Kelso Pharma announces two UK product acquisitions as growth continues

Kelso Pharma, the growing UK-based specialty pharma business, has concluded a deal to acquire two UK approved products, representing an exciting launch into the specialty of Dermatology with prescription medicines for the treatment of actinic keratoses and plaque psoriasis. The two dermatology products, purchased from an organisation within the Dermapharm Group, represent another exciting move […]

<strong>Kelso Pharma announces first product launch</strong>

Kelso Pharma, the growing UK based specialty pharma business, has announced its first product launch with the release to the UK prescription medicines market of Acepiro® (Acetylcysteine) 600mg effervescent tablets. Acepiro (Acetylcysteine) is indicated in adults as a mucolytic agent for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases in which a reduction in bronchial secretion viscosity […]